J'adore Patisserie Philippe!!  Five stars  for Philippe!!  Patisserie Philippe offers classic French indulgences prepared meticulously and with the highest-quality ingredients. From the finest financiers to elegant croquembouches.  Philippe will never disappoint!!

~ Jayne M., San Francisco, CA

The croissant was like butter and air; the palmiers shattered on impact; and the chocolate mousse in the éclairs had a perfect touch of bitterness.  I was hooked; I went back and picked up some more on Friday and then went there over the weekend for an early morning breakfast. These are some of the best French pastries I’ve found in the Bay Area.

~ Michael Bauer, SF Chronicle

C'est magnifique! I highly recommend Patisserie Philippe! I sampled quite a few of their patisseries, and was impressed with each and every one. The palmiers are divine!

~ Michelle G, Oakland, CA